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Our success story started on 15 July 2017 and we as a company, focus on a customer-centric approach rather than competition centric. We deliver the best of cash counting machines which are used globally and in some government organization also. This says it all about us as far as the trust in our brand is concerned. Our machine App cash can work for two continue hours without fail and can give the correct results with high speed so that your cash counting process is not interrupted. It has a counterfeit detection rate of 1/100000 this is a boon and this shows that how accurate is our device.

App cash can give good amount of accuracy with reliable final count as far as cash counting is concerned.The price is also kept on a lower side and we deliver what exactly we promise as far as our machine services are concerned.

Our machine can count all types of currency App Cash is also loaded with UV and MG detection to find out counterfeit currencies.But as we say that there is a criticism for every good thing. Some people can also argue that a cash counting machine is of no use but they are ignoring the fact that today's life is a very fast pace life and you have to be on your toes all the time. So for that you need to match your speed with accuracy, and there the role of as cash counting machine comes. Because being a electronic device a cash counting machine like ours is high in speed and accurate in results. Which is a deadly combination and this also saves the time of both the customers and the owner.

If you are planning to buy a cash counting machine you can without any double minds go for our App Cash machine. Because as we have already told you that ours is a low budget machine which has all the latest features for counting of your cash. So you can can buy our machine and be rest assured about the counting.

Some of the reasons that why we should buy a cash counting machine?

1) Keeping a App cash counting machine will give you freedom from counting your cash with accuracy.
2) Easy to count cash.
3) Able to count old new soiled currency notes.
4) Equipped with high sensors to detect fake currency.
5) This will manage your business completely.
6) Will save time.
One more reason that these days cash counting machines are becoming very popular is, because now a days luxury is not a necessity but it is a need. Considering the fact that our App cash machine will count your cash and give you the exact results. It will also reduce you monotonous work into a automated work. Because believe you me counting the cash is a monotonous work which you need to do every now and then and your monotony can lead to some mistake in counting of cash. So that is the reason that a cash counting machine will make your work automated and this will help you in a bigger picture if we talk about.

Our App cash machine is also directly linked to the management of the cash and it is very important as far as any business entity is concerned. It streamlines your business, reduce the loss of cash, detects counterfeit currency, most importantly it increases the security. It is also very handy and needs no big things to get it installed like other technological things and it is very easy to use as well.

Using a App Cash counting machine will also reduce the man hours of your employees. This will also hep you to reallocate some other work to your employees which can help you in your business growth also. Because if we talk about the general time which is required to count cash it generally takes 15-20 mins for an individual to count cash but with out machine these 15-20 mins will be reduced to merely 40-50 seconds max.This may sound less but it is a huge tome saving and will allow you to use the energy of your staff in some other activity or promotional sale or interacting with the customers.

These days counterfeit currency is also a big danger, App cash will also help in detection of counterfeit currencies with 100% accuracy. Because from a manual eye it is next to impossible to detect a counterfeit currency but as far as the machine is concerned it can find out a fake currency lot and it will be very easy for you to overcome this huddle and will make your life easy.

So if you are planning to buy a cash counting machine you can purchase our App Cash counting machine. Which will be very beneficial for you and your business as it is explained above. It is a ultra modern machine which is made with the latest technology to encounter all types of issues that are being faced these days as far as the cash counting is concerned. It is very easy to install and any one can use it without any hesitation and getting the same 100% results as far as the accuracy is concerned.

App Cash one of the best cash counting machine in the market

When we say cash counting machine it means that as machine that counts cash and is also used to counterfeit currencies. We as App Cash is one of the best cash counting machine which has all these features which advance sensors to detect counterfeit currencies and count cash with 100% accuracy.
The main use of Currency counting machine is across all the vendor counters, to check how much amount of cash has been deposited in the counter in entire day. App Cash also works to see that all it's machines are best as per the global standards and it delivers the counting of the currency notes with complete accuracy.

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$200- App Cash Counter Machine R101

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$700- App Cash Counter Machine R123

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$250- App Coin Counter Machine R105