Who We are.


We as AppCash is one of the best cash counting machines that are available in the market. We follow all the guideline as per the government norms and provide one of the fastest cash counting machines. We came into existence on15 July 2017 and since our inception, we are marching towards success each day.


Our success story started on 15 July 2017 and we as a company, focus on a customer-centric approach rather than competition centric. We deliver the best of cash counting machines which are used globally and in some government organization also. This says it all about us as far as the trust in our brand is concerned.


We as AppCash provide the best of cash counting machines, which are being used globally. Our customers come from all the spheres of society and they are very happy in using our products. Our cash counting machines are fitted with the latest sensors to count currency and detect counterfeit notes.


To order our AppCash counting machine you can touch base with our team on the number that is being displayed on our site and we will be happy to deliver you the product.

App Cash one of the best cash counting machine in the market

When we say cash counting machine it means that as machine that counts cash and is also used to counterfeit currencies. We as App Cash is one of the best cash counting machine which has all these features which advance sensors to detect counterfeit currencies and count cash with 100% accuracy.
The main use of Currency counting machine is across all the vendor counters, to check how much amount of cash has been deposited in the counter in entire day. App Cash also works to see that all it's machines are best as per the global standards and it delivers the counting of the currency notes with complete accuracy.

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Our Products

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$200- App Cash Counter Machine R101

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$350- App Cash Counter Machine R103

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$700- App Cash Counter Machine R123

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$250- App Coin Counter Machine R105